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Super-Mega LOST Goodness!

Thanks to Lola for this awesome info!

1. When Charlotte was going nutty because of the flashes, she muttered, "Oh, turn it up, I love Geronimo Jackson," or something to that effect. That was mentioned previously in the show many times. Here's a refresher:
* While looking through the record collection inside the the hatch in The Hunting Party, Hurley discovers the Geronimo Jackson record and comments on it. Charlie, who is with him, states that he is an expert of all things musical and had never heard of them before.
* While Ana-Lucia is interrogating Benjamin Linus inside the hatch's armory in The Whole Truth, John Locke is listening to music on the record player, while looking through a stack of records, Geronimo Jackson is among them.
* In Further Instructions, Eddie wears a Geronimo Jackson t-shirt which he claims belonged to his father. Mike then claims that his dad has excellent taste.
* In Cabin Fever, a poster showing Geronimo Jackson is present in the locker of a young John Locke during a flashback to his high school years.

2. Danielle's music box is in the wreckage.

3. JJ Abrams or someone threw a Star Trek reference in this and Fringe this week. Daniel asks Charlotte - "you speak any other languages?" to which the reply by Charlotte was "just klingon".

4. Why would Robert try to shoot Danielle? Reminiscent of how Yemi turned on Eko. Maybe the monster inhabits their body once it's taken hold and the protection is to lead non-others to their death? Remember that Rousseau is the only one who didn't go down the hole. Her teammate that was yelling for them to come down and help him...that had to have been the smoke monster talking. Remember how the monster has taken shape of people before. I think they all went down there...all were killed by the smoke monster and then the smoke monster took their shape. But if this theory were true and the smoke monster took over Robert's body, Danielle actually shot him...the smoke monster can't be shot can it? I don't think the monster can be shot, but the body that is hosting it, can, right? Another theory is that Robert tried to shoot Danielle b/c she had already flipped out and killed the rest of them. (Jin found their bodies.) Either that, or Danielle's right and there really was a sickness. Robert knew that the smoke monster was a guardian. When Danielle's team goes under the Temple (DHARMA station?) they gain all the knowledge of the island and thus get "sick." Danielle's presence on the island in the future is a hurdle (not sure for who exactly, for the island itself maybe?). Since her team all know this (island knowledge) that is why they try to kill her, but 'destiny calls' and she kills them instead.

5. So is Christian a Native of the island, kind of like Richard? Difference being that Christian stayed off the island that's why he aged, and Richard didn't. Christian was dead when he came to the island. Is his body being used/possessed by Jacob? Though the reference to saying 'Hi' to his son may kill this theory. And John will also be dead next when he returns to the island. Interesting. So is Christian still alive? I don't think so. When John went into the cabin, it was Christian (with Claire there) who told John what to do. Doesn't mean Christian is Jacob. Maybe Christian is the new Jacob.

So who's Jacob? In the bible Jacob is known as a Christian Shepherd. In the conversation between Charlotte and Faraday, Charlotte said she thought that he was the creepy old man on the island that told her never to come back. Could Daniel Faraday be Jacob? It could be really far fetched but what did she mean by that and who really is Faraday?

6. I wonder if the reason that Jack's father is involved in this is because he was someone who did not die on the island yet his corpse arrived there (after the plane crash). Since there are similar enigmas with birth and conception on the island, maybe there is also something strange related to death.

Christian was a dead person who did not die there.
Aaron was a baby born there yet not conceived there.
Ji Yeon was conceived there but not born there.

Just some thoughts.

7. So Charlotte's dead. Are we sure she's dead and not just unstuck in time like the chick in England who Daniel experimented on? Her last words sounded like she was saying something about wanting to have a chocolate bar for dinner. Sounded like something a kid would ask a parent. So is she brain time-traveling now or is she dead? Charlotte said to Faraday she remembered him from when she was a little girl and said if she ever came back to the island that she would die. I think in the next few episodes (hopefully) we will see Faraday during one of the time shifts talking to young Charlotte. He is trying to change the future because he loves her. He is trying to keep her from coming to the island and dying. Remember a few episodes back when Desmond saw the woman Faraday experimented on? Her sister said sometimes she would wake up asking for her doll like she was 3 years old? I think it's the same kind of thing that Charlotte went through when she told Locke to look for the well. She was remembering things from her childhood because her mind was flashing through different time periods.

8. What's the deal with the nosebleeds? Still haven't figured it out. Considering Sawyer and Locke arrived on the island at the exact same time, shouldn't they both have gotten nosebleeds after the same amount of skipping? Maybe it's just a little more variable than that or does Locke's specialness or something else prevent him from getting one. Perhaps it's the same reason Daniel isn't getting nose bleeds - Locke must have a constant too (as Desmond is Daniel's constant) - could Locke's constant be Richard? I'm not sure it has anything to do with constants. It could be all about losing track in your own mind of time like Daniel Faraday said: the brain has an internal clock, and when it gets confused, it leads to a hemorrhage and even death.

9. Remember back a few seasons, we see Charlotte in the desert of Tanzania and she discovers the skeleton of a polar bear with a Dharma symbol. This appears to be the same location we see Ben after he turns the donkey wheel himself. Because the wheel is obviously in a very cold environment, they must have used polar bears to turn the wheel at one time. By now we know Charlotte has some connection with Widmore because she was on his boat; and we know that the old lady in the cathedral basement seems to be "tracking" the island so they must have sent her to that desert to inspect.

10. Does anyone think that Charlotte could have been the little girl Ben liked as a kid... Anna/Annie? She had red hair and left suddenly.

11. So is Ben the real bad guy of the series? Did you notice the look on his face when Desmond said he was there to find Faraday's mother. I would swear Ben was not
aware of her relation to Faraday, or... drum roll please...Faraday has actually changed the timeline by communicating with Desmond when he was in the hatch (era 2003 or so). Has Daniel broken his mother's rule of you can't change what is supposed to happen? Or maybe Faraday wasn't trying to change the PAST he changed the FUTURE, which is totally possible because I thought he only said they couldn't change events that had already occurred. So what was Ben's look for?

12. Food for thought: Time Travel - Can you run into yourself according to Lost's time travel rules?

13. If you can't change the past and interact with people you didn't meet yet, how did Jin interact with Danielle, and why didn't they remember each other in the future after the crash? Desmond only remembered Faraday once he was off the island. He did not recognize him when they met on the island. That is why Rosseau did not know Jin when she met him on the island after the plane crash. If Rosseau were still alive today, she would now realize that she had met Jin before.

14. As mentioned last week, the van Ben is driving is an anagram for REINCARNATION. There is a dead person in the back of that van who is going to be reincarnated after he gets back to the island, so John Locke will rise from the dead, but I am excited to see how he dies in the first place and what he said to each survivor when he went to visit them as "Jeremy Bentham." In the marina where the Oceanic met up there was a boat named Illusion clearly visible in the wide shot. The only name visible actually. With the "reincarnation" van and the boat called the illusion, I guess it's a safe bet that Locke won't be staying dead for long.

15. From a book on the Law of Dharma:
"The word "dharma" originated in the ancient language of Sanskrit. It's a principal element of the great religions of Buddhism and Hinduism, and basically it means "protection". Dharma is a proactive concept. Protecting ourselves from unhappiness is no one else's responsibility but ours, and its accomplished not by physical force but by living within our own inner laws of righteousness, peace and tolerance.

Dharma dictates absolute honor for all living things and the land that nourishes them, and the belief that until each of us finds our own inner peace, there aren't enough marches, protests and demonstrations in the world to achieve peace among the nations on earth.

There are no specific rules in living according to dharma other than not causing harm to any human animal or the land itself. It's based on the idealistic premise that humankind ultimately will rise to its own innate, sacred goodness when shown the way to its spiritual path."

There's a Universal Dharma and since our universe was created by God its not surprising that its dharma is the same righteousness peace and tolerance we possess within ourselves.

When we live outside the bounds of our own divine dharma, we're naturally out of synch with the universe and pay the price in the form of stress, misery and bitterness, regardless of how much wealth and supposed success we might accumulate."

16. Jacob and Benjamin are Old Testament names, and as this show has many Biblical allusions, with John (A New Testament name and seemingly a Christ-like figure on the show now with him being sacrificed, dying and then apparently going back to resurrect on the island), Christian (part of the New Testament) would make sense to be the new island "overlord"

17. Random theory not in relation to episode...Ok so the theory is that Widmore is Faradays father. I hope we haven't forgotten the episode Catch 22 in which Mrs. Hawking and Brother Campbell appear in a photograph together. Faraday and Campbell even look a like. Why the surnames are all different is a mystery anyway. All I'm saying is Widmore funding his son's research is a bit too similar to Christian/ Claire situation. Maybe Faraday's father is actually Brother Campbell.

18. Remember the hieroglyphics at The Swan when the button needed to be pushed within a minute? Similar hieroglyphics are those at the Temple. The one on the right with 3 vertical lines, is a spaceship. They are also similar to the hieroglyphics as on the door that Ben opened to go let the smoke monster loose on Keamy's team.

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