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Buncha LOST Goodness & Stuff

Courtesy of my friend Lola (thanks, BTW, this is awesome stuff!):

Episode 4 tidbits and thoughts...
1.The numbers were everywhere this episode...
The transmission on the radio that Danielle's team was holding was saying the numbers, "4, 8, 15, 16...etc" what seemed to be on a loop but it was hard to hear first go.
Kate's house number was 42
Kate and Jack met at something with 23
When Jack calls Kate his number shows up as something with a 23 and 15 in it. I wonder if the numbers have anything to do with the spacing/ duration of the time shifts.

2. The van that Ben was driving said Canton Rainier Carpet Cleaning, for what it's worth Canton Rainier is an anagram for reincarnation.

Does that bode well for John Locke's dead body? We now have rationale for why characters won't be trying to change their past by interfering with their past selves - and why they might try to do just that, too. But I also wondered if Lost was setting up Locke (and us) for an awful twist of fate. Here is a man who has apparently made peace with his past, who has taken ownership of it, who values it greatly, all of it, good and bad. He doesn't want to change one little bit of his history, because if he did, he would lose all of his history. In other words, we now know what Locke stands to lose here in Season 5. And while he has no intention of losing it himself, I wonder if there's someone in the Lostverse who is conspiring to make sure he does. Bottom line: Is someone going to try and change John Locke's past?

3. Food for thought...When it flashed on the outrigger and it started raining, it also started raining on Jack and Kate in the car when it wasn't before.

4. The piece of wreckage found from Rousseau's craft said "Besixdouze." That's a direct reference to the story The Little Prince, which this episode is named after. Besixdouze (B612) is the name of the planet (asteroid really) that the Little Prince lived on.

5. So, who is The Little Prince? I think it has nothing to do with Aaron and everything to do with, "The Little Prince" published in 1943 and written by French aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The Little Prince leaves his planet and after wandering the universe realizes how much he had before he left and he longs to go back. Is the Little Prince Jack? or is it Locke. In the book, the Little Prince has to die to find his way home. In the book, there are characters from the other planets that the Little Prince meets throughout the book; The Businessman, the Lamplighter, the King...many parallels can be drawn!

More about the Little Prince: It's about an alien boy who crashes in the Sahara and meets another castaway, a French pilot, who becomes responsible for the boy's welfare as his health erodes and his angst intensifies with the realization that he was never supposed to leave his magical little meteorite home, his community, and his one true love - his constant. Like the book, last night's Lost doted on themes of friendship, loyalty, sacrifice, community, and commitment. That must be one heck of a library they have on the Lost set.

6. So it looks like the people who ransacked the camp were perhaps survivors of a crash themselves, flying on Ajira Airways...check out I'm thinking this might be the airline that Locke was going to take for the Australian Walkabout. Maybe Ajira is the airline that Jack and company fly on when they return to the island. Current time could be after the Oceanic 6 make it back to the island, however Sawyer and company are all jumping through time so they haven't been able to find each other.

7. French translation of Danielle and company's discussion mainly finds nothing really important. However here is one bit of interest:

"We shouldn't have followed those numbers" and "SHUT UP BRENNAN!"

8. Remember in the season 4 finale, Jin was buying the bear and going to the hospital and I know I thought it was for Sun, but then it wasn't. Maybe that wasn't in the past (before he married Sun) but the future (future of the freighter explosion) and they have another child or their first child is sick in the hospital or something like that. What do you think?

Sun's motives and behaviors this season are perplexing me. I didn't detect an iota of motherhood in that woman, did you? In fact, her incompetence as a caregiver and the cold deadness I sensed inside - it was enough to make wonder if Sun isn't really a mother at all. And when I thought that thought, a sick possibility dawned on me. There has been speculatation that there had to be something more behind her vendetta against Ben than just wanting to avenge Jin. The theory is out there that maybe there was actually another man in her life - perhaps the never-seen 'Economist' from last season's Sayid story - and she was desperate to protect her new post-Island family from Ben's scheming and destruction. But another creepy-chilling possibility crawled out the darkness of my morbid imagination last night: Where is Ji Yeon, anyway? Could she be...(gulp) dead? Did Ben do something to her, too? Has something so awful happened to Sun's only living link to her beloved Jin that it has pushed her over the edge into utter Lady Vengeance territory?

9. So is the deal that if you don't have a constant, you're going to get nosebleeds? I think what happens is you have to get a constant to stop the nose bleeds and keep from dying. Also, how will the double time travel effect Charlotte, Juliet, and Miles ie: the white flash and the blackout. Could the nose bleeds be from radiation exposure - the bomb is leaking? Seems like the nosebleeds are related to when people were on the island. Juliet just started, she was on the island for years. Miles (aka possibly Dr. Candle's son) and Charlotte were probably on the island years ago as well. Maybe Farridy knows Miles was on the Island but Miles does not. Miles and Charlotte were 'chosen' to be part of Farridy/Widmore's team; possibly because they had been to the Island before!? There was a moment of confusion following Charlotte's collapse. When she first wakes, she asks Daniel who he is. After a brief moment of uncertainty she recognizes him. Perhaps the fainting is similiar to that of Desmond in "Constant" when he is traveling between years. Thus, the nosebleeds are a precursor to the same experiences that Desmond encountered, and if a constant is not found, death ensues. Another thought on this topic, the nosebleeds seem to be happening in the order in which the people were first on the island.
1. Charlotte (supposedly born on the island)
2. Miles (maybe Dr. Candles kid? Asian baby 1st episode from this season)
3. Juliet (has been on the island for 3+ years)
4. our Losties....sawyer, locke, et al...including Jin!...have yet to have the
nosebleeds but i am sure its coming :)

10.Could the canoe people in the island future be Widmore's people after following the oceanic 6 back to the island?

It definitely seems like your instincts are right on about the future theory:
Departure Point: 1954, the Others vs. the H-bomb testers era of the Island. (As seen in last week's episode, ''Jughead'')
Arrival Point: November 2004 - the night Boone died and Claire gave birth and Locke
made the Hatch throw a blazing bat signal into the sky.
Departure Point: November 2004
Arrival Point: Hard to say. Clearly not a moment we've seen yet in the series - so I'm going to theorize that this moment has not yet happened: The castaways landed on a point in time after the departure of the Oceanic 6. That ''Ajira Airlines'' water bottle? I'm thinking it came from the airplane that's going to bring the Oceanic 6 back to the Island. Which means that it's possible that the other party in the other outrigger - the ones that started firing on Locke and company - was Jack and company.
Departure Point: TBD. ''Thank you, Lord!'' Sawyer bellowed as the screaming came across the sky to carry the castaways away from their attackers...
Arrival Point: Only to drop them in the middle of a storm at sea sometime in 1988. ("I take that back!" Sawyer retorted to the skies.) According to most Lost sources, 1988 was the year that Danielle Rousseau, 16 and pregnant, washed up on the Island with a bunch of French scientists.

11. Jin was caught in the "moving radius" of the island on that piece of drift and has been time traveling with the island since the blast (which for the losties is only about a day or two). Problem is the boat was 5 miles off shore and if the helicopter was not in the radius, how was Jin? Probably because Jin was caught in the "moving radius" and not the helicopter because it was above the "moving radius" and Jin was at water level. Jin could've been blasted back into the perimeter of the island so that is why he moves along with the others on the island...also things in the air might not be affected by the island so the helicopter was not stuck in the time travel

12. Everything goes back to the original others. The more we learn about everyone
else, the more connections there are back to this group. Daniel's mother, Penny's
father, maybe Jack and Claire's father, Miles' father, possibly Charlotte was born
on the island, maybe Jin's father. Maybe the rest of the survivors have connections
to this group that haven't been revealed yet???

13. Ben admitted that he was the one that hired the lawyer. Why would Ben bother with the lawyer when he already knows Aaron is Claire's not Kate's? Most assume, with good reason, that the reason he did it was to try to force Kate to go back to the island. At this point it seems to have worked. The only question I have is why did Ben tell her? Kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it? Some say Ben telling Kate about hiring the lawyer exactly goes with his personality. Ben lies or distorts the truth for as long as he needs to. With Kate and Aaron there with Jack and Sayid, he feels he has Kate exactly where he needs her. He's kind of bragging. He'll also probably say that if she doesn't come back to the island, he's not the only one that knows. Remember the Others came from somewhere and 'work' for some organization - the same one that brought Juliet to the island and got Ben his files of information on all the survivors. Could there be other reasons why Ben hired the lawyer? Could he want to get a blood sample for sick and twisted island research? Probably not but something to ponder. Or could it be someone like Faraday's mom (She is somehow a VERY MAJOR player in this. Remember, Whitmore said that Faraday's mother was back in LA...) and Ben just says it him because he's working with her or covering for her somehow and this conviently helped Ben complete his mission of getting the Oceanic 6 back to the island.

14. The present time off the island with the Oceanic 6 is 3 years after they left... the present time ON the island has been like 1 or 2 days since the 6 left... does this mean that the people stuck on the island are going to be skipping through different time periods for 3 plus years? or will it feel to them as if it were only a few days, when off the island it is actually years?

15. The last part of the episode with Danielle, was approximately 1988 because Alex was 16 years old when 815 crashed and only 110ish days have passed, so its still around 2004 on the island when the show started, and since Alex was just about to be born because Danielle was very pregnant, its about 1988. Does anyone know if there is any method to the flashes or are the flashes to random periods? They have flashed to 1954, 1988, 2004 and I'm sure other periods too I've missed. Have they flashed to the future?

16. Some food for thought:
When this whole thing ends, Ben is actually going to be the one who planted the plane and bodies at the bottom of the ocean. I think he is the ultimate "bad guy" in this. He 'thinks' he has more control over his situation. But his destiny was to turn the wheel and be banished.

Widmore is actually trying to find the island to keep it away from Ben. He believes in Faraday's research (maybe his son?) and the DHARMA Initiative's goals - to better humankind. Ben destroyed that through the purge.

Ben wants the island for his own personal safety, while Widmore, as an original "other" believes in the special nature of the island.

Jacob is the ultimate #1 of the island. Richard knows this. Jacob had "chosen" Ben to be a decoy leader to keep Richard safe. Once Ben has grown out of control, Jacob has chosen him to leave, and then chose Locke to be the new decoy - again, all to keep Richard safe.

17. What if Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore are siblings? There has been speculation that Hawking and Widmore were lovers. When 1954 Widmore ran away from Locke, Sawyer and Juliet (after snapping his fellow other's neckbone!) and returned to Alpert's camp, Widmore claimed he was outnumbered. Ellie scoffs "outnumbered eh?" Widmore shoots back "shut up Ellie" Ellie's sarcastic comment and Widmore childish response sounds like every brother and sister I have ever met. It didn't sound like a boyfriend/girlfriend exchange. That would explain why present day Widmore would allow Hawking to look for the island and not kill her. I don't think even Widmore would kill his sister to find the island. If Hawking is Faraday's mother, and I believe she is, it doesn't seem so crazy for Widmore to be financing Faraday's, his nephew's research.

And finally, One additional theory: My guess is that Locke will discover the frozen donkey wheel and crank it back to the OFF position, which will send the Island into a skid (i.e., come to rest at a certain in space and time) and send him out the wormhole
windshield and into his Jeremy Bentham off-Island moment.

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