Tuesday, January 27


First of all, I'd like to remind everyone that "I Left My Duggar in San Francisco" and "Duggars on Safari" air tonight on TLC. The San Francisco episode should be particularly interesting as Jim Bob and Michelle visit a head shop where they comment on the "funky glassware."

Now, on to the wedding! "Once a Bride, Always a Duggar" and "A Very Duggar Wedding" aired on Sunday night on TLC.

The first was a half-hour show featuring Josh and Anna's wedding preparations, including a trip to Florida for Josh and his sisters.

The good:
  • The older Duggar girls got to travel sans-parents!
The bad:
  • The older Duggar girls, plus Anna, were bossed around by Josh as they prepared for the wedding.
  • Anna obviously only married Josh to get out of the trailer she was living in with her parents and 8 siblings.
  • A "fancy restaurant" to the Duggars is one with silverware and glassware.
The funny:
  • The photo pillow Anna made for Josh with a giant picture of them together. (Did he use it to practice for his first kiss?!)
  • Josh called the restaurant they went to "Eye-talian" and couldn't pronounce the names of any of the foreign foods like lasagna or fettuccini.
  • The waiter at the restaurant was crazy! (And yes folks, he's for real.)
  • The Duggar girls set some sort of trap to spray Josh with soda when he opened his car door..?
The next show was an hour-long special about the wedding itself, from about the day before. But the main focus was sex! For such a modest family, they really put it all out there, don't they?

The good:
  • Anna and the Duggar sisters ended up making some beautiful bridesmaid dresses.
  • Erin Bates played the piano wonderfully.
  • John-David speaks! And is funny! (Is Erin Bates lined up for him?)
The bad:
  • Jim Bob's "talk" with Josh, which mostly consisted of giving him a Christian book on wedding-night prep, and telling him to listen to whatever his silly wife wants to blather on about.
  • Pa Keller's pick-and-choose translation of the bible. "Jesus changed the water to wine at the wedding. That word really means grape juice. He changed the water to grape juice."
  • The hair!
  • The "transfer of authority" from Pa Keller to Josh. Poor Anna will never be under her own authority, I guess.
  • Josh's "serenade." I guess he has an okay voice, I just hate when people sing like that.
  • Josh went into their wedding night hotel room first, leaving Anna to drag the suitcases behind her.
The funny:
  • The engagement re-enactment skit. They got every detail down to the half-hug! And I loved the lines, "It's her birthday, give her some lemon in her water," and "It's a half-carrot [crunch]."
  • Jim Bob equates sex to Legos.
  • John-David wiring the car brakes to the horn!
  • There was rampant pickle-eating!
  • The first kiss, which I highly doubt was worthy of the sound effects they played for it (including church bells, choirs, and fireworks).
And no, there was no pregnancy announcement at the end. Darn.

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