Wednesday, March 25

Wednesday TV

Lots to watch tonight. Survivor, although touted as new, is not really new. It's the usual clip show they tend to broadcast during each season, especially when the show conflicts with Thanksgiving or, in this case, March Madness.

American Idol is on from 8 to 10 and LOST airs at 9pm. The Tivo will certainly be getting a workout this evening!

Some LOST scoop from my 'secret source':
1. When the plane first starts to descend down to the island you briefly hear the numbers come in over the radio. It's probably the same recording that Hurley's friend from the first mental hospital and I think Roussou's group heard it too. (Then Roussou put her own message over it which ran for 16 years before Jack turned it off). If Jack turned Roussou's broadcast off then someone must have put the original numbers broadcast back on?

2. Amy & Horace's son is Ethan. That means Ethan was spared from the Purge since we see him still alive in Season 1 when he was "planted" in with the Oceanic Flight Crashers. But why? How? Perhaps he was off the island at the time of the Purge in the early 90s. Or if the theory floating around that Amy had an affair with a hostile turns out to be true than Ethan would be half DI and half Hostile and he could have been spared for those reasons.

3. Where are Sun and Frank? We know the two are in 2007 but if the numbers being played as the Ajira plane crashes are the same numbers we hear Hurley calling out on Danielle's radio (as she encounters a shipwrecked Jin) than that must mean that the timeline that Sun and Lapidus are in must have been altered at least to the point where Danielle has never recorded over the numbers with her message, right? Either someone restarted the broadcast of the numbers (why?) after the helicopter left the Island, or the plane and everyone else landed before 1988, which is the year when Danielle changed the broadcast to her creepy message....which she herself turned off to contact the Freighter people in 2004. But if the plane landed before 1988, why are the Hydra and the cages abandoned? Dharma was still out and about until the Purge in 1992, supposedly, because Horace told John he had been dead for twelve years in 2004. I think it's just a continuity mistake, either the numbers being heard in the present time, or that Horace has been dead twelve years. It makes more sense for Dharma to have died out before 1988 when Danielle arrived on the Island, how did she not run into anyone there and how come Dharma did not go to the radio tower pertaining the changed message? Horace must have been dead for more than twelve years, and that was the continuity error. If the numbers being heard is a true indication of the time the plane landed, then Sun, Lapidus, Ben and the rest landed after Dharma was killed but before Danielle changed the message, and before the Others moved in. Or the numbers started broadcasting again somehow in the present time.

4. So Marvin Candle's real name is Chang. Pierre Chang.

5. Did anyone else catch that Hurley's and Jack's names were already on the recruit manifest before Juliet came in with the modified one? Why was that? Juliet took charge of the list so it would be assumed that all the lists were changed to include the 3 Losties but it seemed Juliet only made changes to one, the one which she came in and saved Kate with. Or was it that she did make changes to all of them but was thinking about leaving Kate off so that she wouldn't have anything to do with Sawyer but then had a change of heart.

6. Why did Sun not flash off the plane and into 1977 with the rest of the O6? Many theories exist...

First theory: Sun didn't flash because she has to turn the donkey wheel again, to bring them back to present time. Everyone has to play their role...

Second Theory: It will play into what Locke did off-island. He visited Jack/Kate/Hurley/Sayid, all of whom went back to 1977. He didn't visit Sun or Frank, and he didn't visit Ben, Ben visited him (and according to Christian, Ben was never supposed to turn the wheel and leave in the first place). How they'll play that off? I have no idea, but it fits.

Third Theory: Maybe Ben couldn't return to 1977 since he was on the Island presently in that time period (as a kid). Could Sun be on the island in 1977 as a kid (and we have not seen her yet)? Maybe she is related to the Dharma intro video guy - Pierre Chang/Marvin Candle's. Could it be possible Sun was the Asian baby in the crib at the beginning of the season? Pierre Chang's daughter perhaps (Although most think Miles was Dr Changs baby.) and this is why she was transported back in time because there is a Sun already there in 1977. Same for Ben. Sun's father's corporation/business has some relation to the Hanso Foundation so it could be some other situation that had her back on the island in the late '70s.

Fourth theory: Sun was not taken back to 1977 with Jack, Kate and the rest of the O6 because she was not the same as when she left. (Not with Child).

Fifth Theory: Remember that Locke said that they "weren't supposed to leave". We know that Juliette, Miles, Sawyer etc. were always "supposed" to go back in time because they've impacted events (such as Ethan being born) which we know happened in 2004. If Sawyer doesn't kill the 2 Others holding Amy, it's very likely that she would have been killed or taken prisoner and never hooked up with Horace and Ethan wouldn't have been born. (Sure she could have escaped or been released or in a million other ways found her way back to the Dharma camp and resumed the time line - but based on what we have been shown it appears that they were preparing to take her captive and presumably killed to provide the justice Richard stated was needed.)

Had Sun remained on the island she would have died from the pregnancy and wouldn't have been with the group we now see in 1977. By having her remain in 2007 it seems that the universe is correcting itself and in contrast to Sawyer's encounter with the Others, it's preventing Sun from altering a past she was never intended to be a part of.

7. Random thought: The "adam n eve" skeletons are Bernard and Rose.

8. Sayid's purpose is to either kill Ben "not gonna happen" or save/help Ben in the expulsion of the other Darma people

9. A theory about how the show will move on to season six. Our survivors will obviously not be in the past for long. As we know (or think) Ben tricked Widmore in turning the frozen donkey wheel sometime in the past. I believe sometime this season, Young Ben tricks Widmore in turning the wheel. This will be known as the 'incident' that was described one of the old dharma videos (can not remember which, maybe the swan) because something will happen the 'dharmas' cannot explain. During this time, our survivors will end up back in the same time as Sun, Locke, and others. This should set up a showdown or give another story with the survivors all together for season 6. In the meantime, the incident will allow young Ben to blossom into the character we know him as today because 'the Others' will be without a leader for some time.

10. Could JACOB be an acronym for specific people who have special powers (and possibly become/are leaders)
J- John (maybe even james and/or jack)
A- Aaron
C- Claire/Christian
O- unsure of this one...
B- Ben


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