Thursday, December 4

Lost Tidbits

Television Without Pity offers up some nuggets o' Lost, after a recent interview with Exec Producers, Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof:

- "I think its safe to say you'll be seeing Christian again in season 5," Lindelof says. "And what's up with those white tennis shoes he was wearing back in season 1?"

- Lindelof adds, "As for Jin, we'll definitely be seeing more of him in season 5. But as we're moving through past, present and future, who knows when we'll see him.

- Says Cuse: "More on the four-toed statue to come!

And might we see a Lost feature film after the series ends? "The answer is no," Lindelof says. "We've always felt that the show should definitively end the same place it started ... on television. To bring our characters to some sort of cliffhanger where the audience gets none of the answers that they really care about and then say, 'Now give us ten bucks, buy some popcorn and we'll give you the rest!' would pretty much be the worst thing ever."

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