Monday, March 17

Stop It!

Can anyone explain to me why parents allow their pre-teen girls to parade around like they are 21 years old?

Yesterday I was shopping and these 2 girls, who couldn't have been more than 9, were sporting full faces of makeup (applied quite expertly, I must say... not like little girls playing dress-up), fancy velour warm-up suits with sparkly words printed across their little tushies, hair done up like they were going to homecoming and both texting and chatting on pink bejeweled cellphones.

What the fuck, people!!! Your CHILD is 9 years old. Why in the hell do they need to be wearing makeup and talking on cellphones? What in the world are you thinking? Stop it already! It's hard enough to install a sense of responsibility in your child as it is these days. Then you have these idiotic parents who think handing their 9 year old daughters a cellphone and letting them parade around like hussies is perfectly okay.



Lola said...

Is it possible the girls had just left from a session at Club Libby Lu?

Jen said...

aw shit.... the world DOES NOT need a damn store to churn out more Paris Hilton, Hannah Montana, Lindsy Lohan's.... MAKE THEM STOP!!!