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Lost Preview & Tidbits

Episode 4.07: Ji Yeon (Sun/Jin-centric)
Airdate: March 13, 2008

Sun has only three weeks to get off the Island or she'll croak. And here's a curious thought: Is that three weeks in Island time or real-world time? We now know that time on the Island moves more slowly than elsewhere. So, is a Lost-island pregnancy still nine months? Or is it longer? Or could it even be shorter because her body is on real-world time even though her mind is perceiving Island time? [...] Did you hear there's a funeral this week?

Juliet is forced to reveal some startling news to Jin when Sun threatens to move to Locke's camp. Meanwhile, Sayid and Desmond begin to get an idea of the freighter crew's mission when they meet the ship's Captain.

spoiler goodies
I have it on good authority that Nestor Carbonell has inked a deal to reprise his role as ageless island dweller Richard in at least one of this season's final five episodes. In confirming the news, exec producer Carlton Cuse (i.e., the good authority I spoke of earlier) described the former Cane thesp as "a tremendous actor" whose "return will lead to some very interesting revelations."

I need to know who is on that boat!
Well, there’s Sayid and Desmond (1996 and 2004 editions) and the corpse of Fisher Stevens and some guy named Keamey… and I know that’s not who you mean, but the identity of Ben’s boat buddy is one scoop that Team Darlton is not letting slip, at least not until tomorrow night. In the meantime, try this Lost head-scratcher on for size: I have it on good authority that an upcoming, post-strike episode features both a pair of Arabic-speaking, horseback-riding Bedouins and a luxury doorman of British extraction. Without knowing whether it’s a flashback or flash-forward, whose episode could that be? I had an extra bowl of crazy this morning, so I’m going with a consciousness-imploding guess: Charles Widmore, who is: A) a shadowy figure who has been coming into focus in recent weeks, B) a rich British dude and C) perhaps interested in those polar bear skeletons Charlotte found in the deserts of Tunisia, no?

You know that series-regular death I alluded to a few weeks back? Well, tomorrow night's the night! But riddle me this, Lost fans: When is a death not a death, but a brand-new mystery all its own? Meanwhile, I was going to close this week's column by revealing the identity of the remaining members of Lost's super-cool clique, the Oceanic Six, but most of you seem to have it already figured out:
*o* *a* *** **e **l* **** *i***.

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Lola said...

Here's the spoilers I've got - feel free to delete if you don't want this here:

'Ji-yeon' is the name of Sun and Jin's baby.

Jorge Garcia (Hurley): "As shocking as these scripts have been for us, nothing has shocked us more than the end of episode 7."

Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet): "Yesterday I was reading the script of the episode that comes after the one dedicated to my character. I cried a lot, because I learned something that I didn't like finding out about".

A significant death occurs sometime after Episode 4, but before Episode 8.

The person who dies is an original 815er. And as far as major Lost deaths go, this one veers from tradition in one significant way.

This death does not mean it's the last we'll see of this person on the show-not by a long shot.

Ji Yeon does something highly interesting with the flash device. Something you probably won't be able to figure out until the end.

Carlton Cuse: "There will be very significant mysteries answered in the seventh episode."

On the Island:
It is morning and Desmond wakes up in the locked sickbay of the Kahana. Sayid is already awake, having some breakfast out of a tin. They notice a letter being thrown into the room, Sayid thinks it might from Ben's man on the boat. When they open the note, is says "DON'T TRUST THE CAPTAIN". When they meet the captain, Sayid and Desmond begin to get an idea of the freighter crew's mission. Regina is wrapped in chains and jumps from the ship into the water. She may be carrying something. (Regina is a woman on the freighter. Her introduction occurred when she shared a conversation with Miles. Miles demanded to talk to Minkowski but Regina explained that he could not come to the phone. She later spoke with Daniel on the phone to assist him with the beacon experiment. She later answered the emergency line when Charlotte called, and told her that Frank, Sayid, and Desmond hadn't arrived yet.) Meanwhile, Jin and Sun are leaving team Jack. Kate has drawn them a map to Locke's barracks, but warns them she will have to warn Jack that they have left. She'll give them a good headstart, though. Sun and Kate agree that Jack wouldn't understand why they are leaving. As they are saying goodbye, they are interrupted by Juliet who forbids Sun to leave. Juliet warns Jin that Sun is very ill and will die within three weeks if she doesn't leave the island. However, Sun has made her mind up and Jin says: "Where Sun go, I go". Sun thinks she doing what's best for her and her baby, and slaps Juliet in the face.

Flash Forward:
A street scene appears to be the exterior counterpart to the toy store scene they filmed the day before. Jin comes running and ducks into the toystore. Later he comes out the door with the giant stuffed pandabear. He's helping his plushy new pal into a taxi cab when a guy speeding past on a blue moped knocks his cell phone out of his hand. As he stoops to pick it up, the taxi cab takes off with someone else inside. Jin runs after the cab, yelling angrily, and to no avail. Cursing, he smashes his phone to bits on the street. After this filming, the crew had to rush off to report to the day's second shoot: a scene with Sun. at a funeral.