Tuesday, September 16


Okay, so I'm a total geek. I am absolutely in love with J.J. Abrams new show, Fringe. I watched the premiere and I watched the encore. Tonight at 9pm FOX the next episode will air. I already have the show on my Season Pass, but I plan to watch it in real-time, which I rarely do. Who has time to schedule their life around a tv show? But I promise you... Fringe is definitely worthy of your time. I am captivated by it, much like I am with Lost. There are some similarities... heavy on the sci-fi, creepy music, even one of the actors is on both shows. But I promise... the scripts are nothing alike.

Are you watching Fringe?

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Sarah said...

I am also hooked; but I will admit that I watching it because of Joshua Jackson---he will always be my Pacey on Dawson's Creek---he's all growed up