Friday, June 6

Do We Care?

On the news last night was a segment concerning Ed McMahon's possible foreclosure on his home. And then later I heard Evander Holyfield's home had been foreclosed and was on the auction block. I thought to myself, why are either of these stories making the national news?

Is it because it demonstrates to the general population that the nation really is in an economic downturn/recession? Is it to prove that even rich people can have financial trouble? Or is it news simply because they have a name many of us recognize?

I don't know the answer to why Ed and Evander's financial situations are news-worthy, but I doknow that people every day are being forced to choose between eating, taking medication, buying pet food or fueling their vehicles. It's no longer a choice for some. Families have had to give up their long-time animal companions. Seniors can't afford their medications. Children go to bed at night hungry. Your neighbor has lost his job of 20+ years and soon will lose his home.

But Ed and Evander? They won't have those problems. They'll still be able to eat, travel, buy necessities and even enjoy a very fine home. It will just be a home that is less expensive. Somehow we make do with a modest home. I'm guessing Evander won't REALLY require 17 bathrooms in order to continue to be functional. And 'ol Ed, I doubt he truly needs a $7 million dollar home (isn't he about due for a nursing home anyway?).

But the regular folks. They can't make a go of it with the little they do have! They live in modest homes, cut coupons, eat at home instead of at restaurants, quit buying non-essentials. All the stuff any of us would do if faced with financial difficulties. Why aren't some of MY neighbors and YOUR friends being featured on the nightly news? They are the ones who are truly experiencing the worthlessness of the American dollar, the increased costs of living and seeing their jobs sent overseas.

Let's focus on what is real. THAT is something I can care about.

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