Monday, September 17

And that Train Wreck....


Sorry folks. But that chick ain't fat. What the hell are people talking about? First they complain that Nicole Richie has an eating disorder and needs to eat something and then when Britney, who is probably a size 2, comes out and looks a little out of shape, they say she's fat? WTF people????!!!

And, from the sounds of it, things are getting pretty interesting in the Spears-Federline custody case. Frankly, neither of those neandrathals deserve to have custody of those innocent children. It's all very, very sad if you ask me. But it still doesn't stop me from wondering what's gonna happen next.

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cincyjosh said...

She is bigger than what she used to be is what people are keying in on. I would definitely not say "fat" though.

Did you hear the rumors about her possibly trying to put a hit on k fed?