Wednesday, May 9

Lost 3.20 Preview

Episode 3.20: The Man Behind the Curtain (Ben-centric)
Airdate: May 9, 2007

The Man Behind the Curtain is a Wizard of Oz reference and is pointing to the question of who really is in charge of the Others. We will learn more about Jacob next week.

Fran├žois Chau, who plays Dr. Marvin Candle, revealed in interview: "Yes, Marvin Candle is on the island [in episode 20]. Without giving too much away, I can only say that I have yet to have the chance to work with some of the other characters."

Ben begrudgingly begins to introduce Locke to the secrets of the island, beginning with the mysterious Jacob. Meanwhile, Juliet's secret goes public.

Ben has been in love. We will get a "sense" of it in 2 weeks.

We will see Dharma before the purge and we might see how they repelled the smoke monster with the sonic fence.

I hear we're going to meet Ben's mommy and daddy. We will get much more info about Ben's origins and the origins of the island.

Someone you wouldn't expect to see wearing a Dharma suit will appear in episode 20. There will be a big, epic, shocking scene. We will see more Dharma vans. Roger wasn't the only workman.

More info on the DeDroots soon.

It looks like you'll get more action on Hurley's... van. Producers are currently casting for a "Roger," a working-class janitor in his early forties who is bitter about his place in life but has higher aspirations. The notice says of the character, "He has troubled and complex relationship with his son; he finds himself caught up in a mysterious situation beyond his imaginings; and the actor must not be claustrophobic." Pretty sure this is the skeleton — "Roger Work Man"—from Hurley's episode.

We'll see the Dharma van again, it will have a flashback of sorts and see how it came to be in the jungle. We will also see another Volkswagen product on the island.

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