Wednesday, February 21

Idol Men

Blake Lewis-Best of the night. Loved the chose that Keane song.
A.J. Tabaldo-Not so bad. Will make it through to next week.
Chris Sligh-Smug, baby. Smug. Disappointed but did love his jabs at Simon with mentions of Tellytubbies and IlDivo.
Nick Pedro-Not completely impressed with this guy. Will see if he can step it up or not.
Jared Cotter-Meh.
Phil Stacey-Started out baaaaad but ended pretty decent.
Chris Richardson-Timberlake-wannabee. Made me sick watching all that dunking and bobbing.
Brandon Rogers-Not bad. Cute guy.
Sanjaya Malakar-I can't get past the hair. Did he sing?
Rudy Cardenas-Bad. Go away.
Paul Kim-Bad. Go away. Buy some shoes already!
Sundance Head-Biggest Dissapointment of Idol. Ever.

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